Events look for visitors, users look for events.

We create value for both.


Our solutions

Empty seats, unused capacity, people simply not knowing about your event. Here's how we are going to help with those problems

Maigo mobile application

Our main product. A free-to-use Maigo mobile application brings together the events of our partners into one easy to use service.

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Maigo Partner Portal

Every piece of information an event organizer needs in one place. Add, modify and view all your own events. Understand your visitors like never before.

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Why join up with us?

The core benefits can be split into four general aspects


Reach more possible visitors without any hassle just by partnering with us


Gain valuable insight into your visitors and maximize your future events' full potential



Fill those last seats and corners to fill every event possible.


Pricing is transparent and directly related to our measurable performance. 

No added costs!

Key Personnel

Petteri Haro

Co-Founder | Technology Lead

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Juska Glan

Co-Founder | Business Development

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Don't stop at 80% sold-out events!


Discover visitors you didn't even know that existed. 

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